How to Identify Aubusson Rugs

Aubusson rugs are hand-woven tapestries that originated in the French city of Aubusson. They are characterized by their intricate designs and use of high-quality materials. The most distinguishing feature of Aubusson rugs is their large size; they are typically much larger than other types of hand-woven tapestries.

Another notable characteristic of Aubusson rugs is their use of light colors; most Aubusson rugs feature pastel colors or white backgrounds with brightly colored patterns. To identify an Aubusson rug, first look at its size; if the rug is significantly larger than other hand-woven tapestries, it is likely an Aubusson rug. Next, examine the colors used in the rug; if the background is light-colored or white and the patterns are brightly colored, it is likely an Aubusson rug.

Finally, look at the design of the rug; if it features intricate patterns and detailed workmanship, it is likely an Aubusson rug.

  • Aubusson rugs are characterized by their tapestry-like appearance and intricate patterns
  • Here are a few tips on how to identify an Aubusson rug
  • Examine the overall design of the rug
  • Aubusson rugs typically feature floral or scrollwork patterns that are densely woven into the fabric
  • Look for signs of wear and tear
  • Because Aubusson rugs are hand-woven, they often show minor imperfections such as loose threads or uneven edges
  • These characteristics can add to the Rug’s authenticity and charm
  • Check the label or tag
  • If the rug is truly an Aubusson, it will usually be labeled as such
How to Identify Aubusson Rugs


-What are the Characteristics of an Aubusson Rug

An Aubusson rug is a type of French hand-woven carpet, usually made of wool. The carpets are often woven with a floral or figurative design and sometimes feature an animal motif. They are typically light in color, with a soft pile.

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Aubusson rugs are hand-woven French tapestries that date back to the 17th century. These beautiful pieces of art are typically made from wool or linen and feature intricate patterns and designs. While Aubusson rugs can be quite expensive, they are definitely worth the investment as they will add a touch of elegance to any home.