Pink And Blue Persian Rug

This Persian rug is so beautiful and has such a unique pattern. It’s made up of two colors, pink and blue, which makes it perfect for any room in your home. The rug is also very soft and comfortable, making it a great choice for your living room or bedroom.

This Persian Rug is so beautiful and perfect for my living room space. The color combination of pink and blue is just stunning together. I love how the design on the rug is so intricate and detailed.

It really is a work of art. This rug is definitely a statement piece and it ties the whole room together perfectly.

Blush Pink Persian Rug

If you’re looking for a blush-pink Persian rug, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Persian Rug Co., we have a wide selection of beautiful blush pink rugs, all handmade with the highest quality materials. Whether you’re looking for a traditional design or something more modern, we’re sure to have the perfect rug for your space.

When it comes to choosing a blush pink rug, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the size of your space and how much traffic it gets. You’ll want to choose a rug that’s large enough to anchor your furniture but not so large that it feels overwhelming.

Second, think about the pile height and material. A low-pile rug will be easier to clean and better suited for high-traffic areas, while a thick, plush rug will add extra warmth and luxury. Finally, take into account the overall style of your home décor and choose a design that complements your existing furnishings.

Whatever your needs may be, we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect blush pink Persian rug here at Persian Rug Co. Browse our selection today and fall in love with your new favorite piece!

Pink And Blue Persian Rug

-What are the Dimensions of a Pink And Blue Persian Rug

When it comes to Persian rugs, there is no shortage of colors and designs to choose from. But if you’re looking for something truly unique, a pink and blue Persian rug is a great option. Here’s what you need to know about these beautiful rugs:

The dimensions of a pink and blue Persian rug can vary depending on the specific design. However, most are around 8 feet by 10 feet. This makes them large enough to make a statement in any room, but not so large that they overwhelm the space.

Pink and blue Persian rugs are usually made with wool or silk, which makes them extremely soft and luxurious underfoot. They’re also durable enough to withstand years of use. These rugs often feature intricate patterns and detailed designs.

That means they’re not only beautiful but also full of history and meaning. If you’re looking for a rug that will add both style and substance to your home, a pink and blue Persian rug is a perfect choice.

Pink Persian rug ST-13234B 3×5 Tree of life high-density luxury silk carpet


This Persian rug is pretty in pink and blue! It’s a great addition to any room, and it’s sure to add a touch of elegance.