Pine Cone Hill Rugs

Pine Cone Hill Rugs is one of the leading companies in the production of high-quality, unique rugs. Their products are made from a variety of materials including wool, cotton, and jute, and they offer a wide range of designs to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or contemporary style rug, Pine Cone Hill Rugs has something to suit your taste.

Pine Cone Hill rugs are a great way to add a touch of style to your home. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can find the perfect one to match your decor. Pine Cone Hill rugs are made from high-quality materials, so they’re sure to last for years.

And, they’re easy to care for – just vacuum regularly and spot clean when needed.

Annie Selke Rugs Outlet

Annie Selke Rugs Outlet is a website that offers a wide variety of rugs at discounted prices. The website features a large selection of both indoor and outdoor rugs, as well as a variety of other home decor items. Annie Selke Rugs Outlet offers free shipping on all orders over $50, making it an affordable option for those looking to add a new rug to their home.

Pine Cone Hill Rugs


Is Annie Selke Married?

Annie Selke, née Annie Sturgis, is an American businesswoman, entrepreneur, and author. She is the founder and CEO of Pine Cone Hill, a home furnishings company specializing in bedding and home decor. Selke was born in Williamstown, Massachusetts, and raised in nearby Pittsfield.

She is a graduate of Williams College. Selke began her career working in public relations for Ralph Lauren before moving on to become an editor at Elle Decor magazine. In 1992, she launched her first design firm, Annie Selke Company.

In 2002, Selke launched Pine Cone Hill as a bedding brand under her design firm. The brand quickly grew to include home decor items such as rugs, curtains, and table linens. Today, Pine Cone Hill is sold online and through select retailers across the United States.

Selke is married to Alex Witchel, a writer for The New York Times Magazine. They have two daughters: Lily and Emma.

Where are Annie Selke’s Products Made?

Annie Selke is an American textile designer and home furnishings company owner. She is the founder of Pine Cone Hill and Dash & Albert. Her products are manufactured in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and China.

Who Owns Annie Selke?

Annie Selke is the founder and owner of her eponymous home textile design company. Based in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Selke has been designing and manufacturing high-quality home textiles for over 30 years. Her company offers a wide range of products including bedding, bath towels, rugs, curtains, and furniture upholstery.

Annie Selke is widely recognized as an industry leader in home textile design and her products are sold in major retailers across the United States.

Are Dash And Albert Rugs Washable?

Yes, Dash and Albert’s rugs are washable! You can machine-wash them on a gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent. We recommend line-drying or drying flat to maintain the shape of your rug.


Pine Cone Hill is a company that makes rugs. The company was started by Annie Selke, who is also the founder of the popular home decor brand, Dash & Albert. Pine Cone Hill rugs are made of natural fibers like wool, cotton, and jute.

They come in a variety of colors and patterns, and they’re perfect for layering over other rugs or using as standalone pieces.