How Do You Finish the Back of a Punch Needle Coaster?

To finish the back of a punch needle coaster, start by trimming excess fabric around the perimeter. Next, place a piece of backing material such as interfacing or felt onto the wrong side of the coaster and pin it into place. With your preferred type of hand-sewing thread, whipstitch along all sides to secure both pieces together.

Then turn the coaster over so that it is right side out and press with an iron if desired. Finally, use a blanket stitch to sew up any loose ends or loops on the backside for a finished look.

Once you have finished the front of your punch needle coaster, it’s time to move to the back. If you are using pre-cut fabric backing, simply line up your coaster on top and secure it with pins before sewing around the edges. If you are making an open-back coaster, finish it by hand stitching yarn in a running stitch along each side of the design and using whip stitches between all corners.

Once complete, trim away any excess material from around the edges and snip off any stray threads. You now have a beautiful punch needle coaster ready for use or gifting!

How to Finish Punch Needle Coasters

Finishing your punch needle coasters is an easy and rewarding process. To finish them, begin by trimming the excess fabric around the coaster’s edges with scissors. Once trimmed, place a piece of batting or felt on top of the coaster and use an iron to press down onto it firmly in order to secure it in place.

Lastly, sew around each edge with a zigzag stitch for extra durability. With these few simple steps you’ll have beautiful punch needle coasters ready to be enjoyed!

How Do You Finish the Back of a Punch Needle Coaster?


How Do You Finish the Back of a Punch Needle?

Once your project is complete, you can finish the back of a punch needle piece by securing any loose loops with a yarn needle and matching thread. Start at one end of the punched area and take a few running stitches to secure the looped thread on the underside. Work your way around in a methodical manner until all loops are secured.

Once finished, tie off the ends of the thread securely so it won’t unravel or come undone when handled. Finally, trim off any excess threads for an even neater look before displaying your finished piece!

How Do You Seal the Back of a Punch Needle Rug?

To seal the back of a punch needle rug, you need to use an adhesive spray such as 505 Temporary Adhesive Spray. First, lay out your rug on a flat surface and make sure it is completely smooth with no wrinkles or bumps. Then, hold the can about 8-10 inches from the back of your rug and spray an even layer across its entire surface.

Allow the glue to dry for at least 15 minutes before turning over your rug and repeating this process on the front side as well. After both sides are sprayed with adhesive, leave them to sit for another 20 minutes before starting to assemble them together. Finally, carefully fold one half of the fabric onto each other so that both sides are touching then press down firmly throughout all sections until they stay connected in place.

Your punch needle rug should now be sealed!

What Kind of Glue to Use on the Back of a Punch Needle?

For the back of a punch needle, you should use an adhesive that is specifically designed for fabric. This type of glue will adhere to both fabrics and non-woven materials, providing a strong bond between them. You can find this type of adhesive at most craft stores or online retailers.

When applying the glue, make sure to apply it thinly in order to avoid clumps and ensure an even coating on your project’s surface. Additionally, be sure to follow all instructions provided with the product and allow ample time for drying before continuing your project.

How Do You Finish a Punch Needle Hoop?

Once your punch needle project is complete, there are several steps you can take to properly finish the hoop. First, carefully unpick any loose strands of yarn on the front and back sides of the hoop. This will help ensure that your finished piece looks neat and tidy.

Next, use a pair of scissors to trim away any excess floss from around the edges of the canvas. Then, tie off all ends by hand or machine stitch them down for added security. Finally, you can choose to mount your completed piece onto a backing material such as felt or fabric for additional stability and protection against stretching over time.

With these simple steps completed, your punch needle hoop is now ready for display!

How to Finish the Back of a Punch Needle Project


In conclusion, completing the back of a punch needle coaster is an easy and enjoyable process. By using a stabilizer to secure your fabric in place, using the same yarn as you used on the front side, and following up with some hand-stitching, you can finish your coaster in no time. With these simple steps and materials at hand, anyone can create their own beautiful punch needle coasters!